I was going to join a gym that specializes in boot campy exercises.  The gym is in walking distance from my house and offers a bunch of classes 7 days a week.  The only problem is it costs $170 a month.

I went out last night for the Superbowl to a bar called Billy O’s.  I ran into my friend, Adria who told me about P90x, an extreme home fitness routine.  Guaranteed to pump you up in 90 days time.  She had friends who followed the program and saw awesome results.  She talked me into basically.

I went on ebay today and bought the whole system. 13 DVD’s, a pull-up bar and those stretchy rubber band things.  I almost bought them on the infomercial website that would have tripled the amount of what I actually spent.  I paid $70 total (including s+h) on the books and DVD’s.  On their website I would have paid at least $177 if not more and thats not including equipment.  The chin up bar I got for $40 (ebay) and it came with those rubber band things, but I had to pay $20 s&h.  I forgot what the website wanted for those things, but I think it would’ve been another $100 tacked on to the $177.

All in all I made some pretty frugal, thrifty choices today.  I have no reason not to follow this program.  I work 3 days a week.  3 days!  I don’t have kids or any responsibilities, so really, absolutely no excuse.  I’ll post some before and after pics.  I can post week to week pics!

I’m not overweight, but I’m one of those thin, yet fat people.  Skinny, yet dimpley.  You’ll see what I mean when I post the pics.

I can’t wait to do this.  I just ordered it about an hour ago and then started reading all the reviews.  I couldn’t find not one bad review.


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