Day two of p90x

I got out of work at five and went to a Tastfully Simple party that my friend Monica was throwing.  I stayed until I was fully satisfied with my two bud lights and belly full of chip, dip and beer battered bread.  I got home around 7:30 and popped in day two of P90X.  Today was plyometrics which is basically one hour of jumping around in my bedroom on a horribly dusty carpet.  I didnt realize how dusty it was until I looked down and seen my dirty toe’s.  I left my laptop open on my desk and now there’s dust all over the keys.  Its gross.  I’m gross.  And I learned something new today about carpet dust; never underestimate it’s power.

I taken before pic’s last Monday at Holly’s house.  I was ready to show some skin after my second dirty martini.  Unfortunately she lost her camera charger so I had to settle for a 3.0 Megapixel cell phone pic.  Here they are:

p90x beforep90x before

p90x before

I need to lose 9 pounds according to the Nintendo wii.


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