Korean backpack

I sincerely have a problem – really I do.  I’m addicted to games.  Yesterday I spent most of the day playing a Wii game called ‘Little King’s Story’.  It looks like a game for children, but it’s rated teen and highly addicting. 

My Dad interrupted my game-play to have me drive him to the garage to pick up his car.  I happily agreed because that meant I got to smoke a cigarette on the ride home.  On our way there, we talked about Vegas;

Dad – “When you go to Vegas, just stay out of the ocean.”

“There’s an ocean in Vegas?”

My dad starts laughing.  This humor has been displayed to me my whole life.  I once believed that elves lived in street lights to change the colors and that all the rocks in the world came from one big rock that rolled around from continent to continent like a big pin ball leaving little nuggets behind.  All thanks to my Dad (whom I call Pop).  No wonder I was the weird kid in school – thinking that sea monkeys really can talk.

So anyway, I drop my Pop off at the garage and peel out of the parking lot, cranking up the tunes and lighting up my first smoke in two days.  Ahhh……I felt like a million bucks even with my dirty pajama’s and oil-caked head. 

‘I should go running today.  Yes, It’s a great day to run.’ 

I never made it running, but I did go to Cheshire coffee.  I wanted to write a post about Obama’s Health care reform, but didn’t realize what a big task it was.  I gotten bored with it and went home.  I started playing my game.  Then I played bejeweled.  I played it for 10 minutes until I got the number one high score for the week, but I kept playing for several more hours.  Two a.m is when I stopped. 

I laid in bed and couldn’t sleep.  I turned on netflix at 4 a.m.  I watched ‘Love and other disasters’ starring the beloved Brittany Murphy.  I thought about my trip to Vegas and how much easier the trip would be if only I had a backpack.  Not a big backpack, but a small one.  And so I surfed eBay for the perfect backpack and settled on; GA9109 Korean St. George Casual Backpack.  It was past 4 in the morning at this point and seemed like a perfectly rational idea to buy something that has to be shipped from Hong Kong.  It’s going to take a month until it arrives.

At this stage of insomnia, men would ‘rub one out’ or girls would ‘flick the bean’, but no, not me – It hadn’t even occurred to me.  I was ogling korean backpacks instead of huge well-hung muscle men (lol, I’m sorry, but I’m delirious right now and find this funny.  I may have to come back to delete).

st. george backpack

Oh yeah now that's what I call hot! I can probably fit my laptop in there.

 Sometime’s I just don’t make any sense.


Package from hong kong

Package from hong kong

Wow look at all the stamps!



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6 responses to “Korean backpack

  1. Steph

    Dude!!! you crack me up!!
    I can’t wait to see you sporting that backpack in vegas!

  2. Catherine

    Cute bag! I saw it at YesStyle.com. :3
    I’m gonna order one from them..I really like Korean/Asian bags. They’re a lot cuter than the ones here in the U.S. 😀

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