Last night with Harold & Maude

I’m trying to make it a habit of going to bed earlier.  Last night I didn’t allow myself to play the Wii or bejeweled.  I watched netflix instead, and surfed eBay for digital camera’s.  I made the mistake of choosing ‘Harold and Maude’ to fall asleep to.  Well, it was such a good movie that I stayed up to watch the whole thing while eating an entire box of Sponge Bob mac & cheese.  I attempted to fall asleep around 2 a.m, but I didn’t actually drift off until 3.

I had a weird dream about talking babies who lit stuff on fire.  They weren’t evil babies, they just liked trouble.  It was like the comedy ‘Look who’s talkin’ with John Travolta.  It’s better than the nightmare’s I usually have.

When I first decided to join the military, I wanted to go in as a medic.  Shortly after my decision, I had a dream that I had to sew a guys face back on after he ripped it off.  He was testing me to see if I could handle the gore.  I couldn’t.  He proved his point, but now the idiot is stuck without a face.

I’m at Starbucks again.  I’m having my grande iced green tea latte.  My client gets here at 3, so I should leave in 10 minutes.  I can’t think of anything else to write anyway.


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