Mediocre photography


I went on a ghost tour of a prison a while back and the tour guide told us that when we take pictures and see “orbs” in the photo, that it’s an image of a ghost. 

Well, I taken a few pictures over the weekend when I was down in Rhode Island, and now I know for sure that those orbs aren’t ghosts.  They are dust particles that reflect off the flash.  The dust is nearly invincible with no light around, but hold up a flashlight in the dark, and you can see them flying around in front of the lens. 

My Dad and my uncle's boats


A tall beer can


Taking pictures while trespassing

 I was standing outside someone’s cottage in the middle of the night taking picture’s and I heard a woman inside the house start freaking out that she just saw a flash, “a big flash.”  The man she was talking to told her to calm down, but she was very loud and said, “Well let’s just see if there’s going to be another one.  Something’s out there.” 

I wasn’t on their property, I was standing on the road outside.  I found the whole thing very comical.  I think she was hoping it was aliens or something exciting like that. 

It's a driveway with a bunch of shattered clamshells for pavement

I was getting so bitten up by mosquito’s when I was outside taking these pictures.  So I go inside and bother my Dad while he watched The Godfather on tv. 


Sitting on the couch and taking pictures

I'm watching the Godfather and taking a pic of myself

That’s not a very flattering pic, so here’s another one. 



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3 responses to “Mediocre photography

  1. Steph

    Hahaha I wish I were there for that!
    I wanna go to the cottage!

    • navybound

      I wish you were there too. You would have gotten a kick out of that lady yelling in the house because of my flash.

  2. Steph

    oh hell yea i would! 🙂

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