Writing stuff and changing subjects a lot

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself  ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.'”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

I say this every time I have to give a massage to someone who’s bathing ritual’s aren’t up to par.

Ugggg, this old guy just walked into starbucks who reeks of catfood.  Holy crap!  He’s the type of person I’m referring to.

I have no new news or interesting events to share with you today.  It’s Thursday at 4:13 pm.  My next client isn’t until 6.  This is a rare event.  A whole two hours with my blog in the middle of a gorgeous work day.  Unfortunately I have nothing interesting to say.

Dave got a crazy fast bike called an Aprilia.  It’s very dangerous on the road.

I think I just cut in line for the bathroom.  There was a skinny timid man standing off to the side, easy to overlook him,  and I knowingly cut in front of him.  He really should’ve been standing closer to the door.  Sorry buddy.

I’m going to start compiling all my old journals into Ebooks.  I have how many?  27? 30?  I forgot.  It’s going to be a painstakingly time-consuming endeavor.  I bought an Ebook to tell me how to write and sell an Ebook.  It was only $4, but the advice is absolutely fabulous.  This is the book if you’re interested in writing your own Ebook: 

How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks – All for FREE
by Jason Matthews

He really shows you how to do everything at no cost what-so-ever, plus tells you all the venue’s to sell on and SEO stuff, building a free website you can sell your Ebook on without needing a store like Amazon.  EVERYTHING step by step.  Even the formating part of the process.  It’s pretty awesome.  Awesome indeed.  I read half of it today (it’s really easy to read).

So, I have that to look forward to…….

Subject change.

My friend bought me a purse and a new wallet out of sheer kindness.  My old purse was stinky. 

I found an odd-looking shell on the beach one day and stuck it in my purse.  Little did I know there was some ugly sea urchin living in the shell that ended up rotting away in the five days I left my purse in the back seat of my car. 

Blindly sticking my hand in and rummaging for the stink was not a smart move.  I pulled out icky wet goo leaking out of a shell and screamed like a girl.  I kept smelling my fingers after I threw away the shell.  People who smell their fingers are very strange and should be avoided.

So anyway, my friend went and bought me a new purse!  I couldn’t believe it.  Nobody is that nice to me.  Well, rarely that nice.  It’s rare, so when it happens it means a lot.  Now I will probably use that purse and wallet for the rest of my life just as a reminder of the unexpected goodness in people.

Here is an optical illusion of a cat spinning.  Supposedly it can spin in either direction depending on how you perceive it.  I don’t get it.  For me it only spins to the right.  They say with practice you can make it spin in the direction you want.

(Click on it)

If you guys are able to figure it out, post a comment and let me know.



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2 responses to “Writing stuff and changing subjects a lot

  1. Bradd

    It worked!! Don’t ask me how but, just as I was about to click off of it and say “This is dumb” the little kitty cat changed directions….pretty neat!

    • navybound

      Oh man I’m so jealous. My friend Mike saw it switch directions in the first 3 seconds. I was watching the cat the same time he was and it was still going counter-clockwise for me. Something is wrong with my brain.

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