Stream of Conscious

My latte tastes smokey today.  Is this what a burnt latte tastes like?  I actually like it better this way, but I like burnt things.  I like marshmallow’s burnt, french fries, potato chips, the top of my creme brule….I’m staring into empty space trying to think of more burnt things that I like.  Stop staring like a dope Melanie.

I had a scare today.  One of my co-workers said that she got an email from someone telling her that our business is closing down.  I freaked out, as I normally do at most things.

I love where I work.  I like my job, but I love where I work.  It’s perfect.  It doesn’t tie me down.  If I want a day off, I take a day off.  I don’t have any stress here which leaves my mind free to expand and learn more.  I love love love it here.  And my co-workers are awesome and there’s a Starbucks in walking distance and they let me take naps on the break room couch!  What other job would let me fall asleep in the break room? 

Now that I have back my old 4 day work week, I like it even more.  They had me at five days a week, which didn’t leave me with much sitting around time, and I need my sitting around time.

Hopefully this whole shutting down debacle is just a rumor.  I hope I hope I hope.  I have 3 more clients left and then I’m out like trout.  Got to go home and finish the top to my Xena outfit.  I watched one youtube video on how to use a sewing machine, and now I think I’m the all-powerful magnificent sewer – no, that can’t be right, sewer?  Sower? Let me look this one up…….Huh, it’s the right word alright, but I’d rather go by the title of seamstress, or modiste sounds pretty cool.  Anything but sewer – it doesn’t look pretty on paper.

My last massage is a two hour.  I massaged this woman before.  They usually want only their back and neck done, but unfortunately can’t palpate anything on this person, making my job very difficult.  Now they want a 2 hour?  I had trouble with just the one!  Uhhhh……This latte is making my mouth really dry.  My mouth is dry but my eyes feel watery.  I was yawning a lot.  They get watery when I yawn a lot.

Now I have to pee.  Why does behind my ears always itch?  Is it a nervous habit I have to always rub behind my ears?  Or do I need to wash that area more?  Back in the day, old-timers would remind youngsters to wash behind their ears – maybe there’s something to this.  All this time I thought it was just a silly expression.  I would scratch behind my ear and laugh at the old people for their silly statements.


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