You would have to be Hercules

I went to a party last night and when it was coming to an end at around 3 am, I left and drove a boy home because he was drunk as a skunk and had to be in work for 8 the next day.

We were parked in front of his house in the driveway – it was 3:30 am, and he wouldn’t get out of my car.  Apparently he likes me, we kiss a little and I tell him I don’t like him like that.

Him – Why?

Me – I don’t know, but I love you as a friend!

I wish it ended there, but no.  We were outside his house parked in that driveway for about a half hour more discussing this.

Me – You would have to be Hercules for me to date you.

Him – You want me to be Kevin Sorbo?

Me – Yes, you have to be Kevin Sorbo.

That should’ve definitely been his cue to leave, but no.

Me – It’s just not going to happen, sorry.

I was practically pushing him out of my car at this point, my hands pushing his shoulders away from me.  I am so weak compared to him.

It was nearing 4 am, so I had to bust out the big guns.

Me – Okay, I’ll go in with you.

Him – Huh?  Really?

I get out of my car, he gets out, and shuts the door.  I let him walk a few paces forward before I spring back in my car and apologize to him for my mean trick.

I had no choice, I had to be mean – there was no alternative!

He really is a good dear friend of mine.  I known him since he was a dapper 19, 20 year old handsome young man.  Now he’s turning 28 and sprouting some greys.  Hopefully he won’t remember what happened.

And I really hope he doesn’t read my blog.

I do not feel good today.  I got home so late, and now I have to give a massage at 1 pm down the street at my other job.  Why-o-why did I agree to give a massage today?

I’m going to barf.



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2 responses to “You would have to be Hercules

  1. Steph

    OMG!!! Do I know him?

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