The purple candle in my prosperity corner is obviously working.  A couple days ago my credit card company sent me a check in the mail.  Free money!  When does that ever happen?  It was only for .26 cents, but still….


Stephanie sent me a text today:

My tampon is too absorbent 😦  it is 2 big 😦

I wrote back:

Since when is that a bad thing?  Can I write your text in my blog?

I like to utilize the super plus tampons, that way I can sleep for 14 hours without worry.  I’m susceptible for toxic shock syndrome.


My aunt talked smack about me to my brothers girlfriend.  I can’t escape her hate for me.  I don’t do or say anything to her, but she still won’t calm down.

Me – Melissa invited me over for thanksgiving.

My mom – Oh that’s nice.

Me – What should I do?

Mom – (in a fed up tone) Do whatever you want.

Do people think my feelings don’t get hurt?  She made it sound like I’m not invited to stay in my house for thanksgiving.


Did you know stress can literally make you stupid?  There is a man who spent most of his life studying the behaviour of apes – one particular tribe in africa, to see how social interactions can cause stress.

The stress came from putting up with the ‘alpha males’ of the group.  They would push around and bully the nicer guys.   As a result the nice apes had higher cortisol levels and extra fat around their mid-section.  They were candidates for heart disease, higher cholesterol, atherosclerosis and when the scientist put one of these guys in an MRI machine, they can see their brains weren’t functioning as well as the alpha males.  They had less activity and less neurological connections.  They were dumber, but they weren’t born that way, they were made that way from constant years of bullying.         

The scientist could’ve worked in an office for the past 30 years and learned about social dynamics that way, but I’m sure office people wouldn’t like to be tranquilized and have their heads examined.      

Ahhhh, I’m going to be late, gotta get back to work.                                       



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  1. Steph

    maybe that is why I have high cholesterol and fat around my midsection….hmm….

    by the way I discontinued use of my super plus tampon from yesterday. haha

    I would go to Melissa’s for Turkey day. or come here! 🙂
    love you Mel

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