Sucky Sunday

I made a website last year.  I didn’t use one of those easy step-by-step website builders that help you out with everything, no.  I went out and bought the adobe dreamweaver and made the site the hard way. 

I have many talents…..

I eventually got bored with it and forgot about it until a couple days ago.  Today I revived it once again.

So I stayed home all day dusting off this website so I can slap it back on the internet for all to see.

What is this website you ask?  You’re all going to think I’m crazy.  It’s about remote healing – distant healing.  Basically I’ll be saying prayers for people.

I really didn’t want to be stuck at home doing this today, but nobody wanted to hang out.  Today is a precursor of my dreaded birthday.  I must be on the other side of the planet for when my birthday comes – for survival purposes at least.  I intend on holing myself up in a cave for the day like it’s the day before Y2K.  I’ll go Korean cave spelunking.

Kim Jong-il has a cave where he hides all his treasured gifts (bribes?) from people and whoever goes near his cave gets shot on sight.  Maybe I should try my luck at his cave?

I'll be in Seoul

Seoul looks to be close to the border.  Kimmie’s cave wouldn’t be too far away.

Either way I doubt they celebrate V-day over there so I’ll be happy in either the North or South.  They’re way too smart to fall for a stupid hallmark day about love (finger in throat).

It’s 10:18 pm.  I stayed home all day, and now I’m supposed to lay in bed again to sleep….again?  I’m bored as hell.  I’m in one of my moods where I feel like everyone hates me.  It’s not too far from the truth – I live with two people who hate me on a daily basis.

I’m drinking one of my dad’s beers and eating a pomegranate.  I’m dulling my senses, but being healthy at the same time.  Not to mention all that great fiber!

I should watch tv or something.  I’m depressing myself.  My ears feel blocked because it’s too quiet in here.

My dad really liked Spartacus.  He said I was right about it being graphic, sexual and brutal, but he wants to see more of it.  He’s looking forward to when the next netflix arrives.  I will NOT watch it with him.

Oh and here’s the website I made in case you want to check it out:

You don’t have to read the whole thing.  I only read it again because I forgot what I wrote.

My next website will be a porn site.  There’s money to be made in porn.  I wonder if they have a Creating porn sites for Dummies’ book?


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