Santa Clause in the house

Santa Clause is in Starbucks. 

I seriously don’t know what else to write.  Its been a slow week.  My clients have all been somewhat normal, crazy aunt and OCDC are keeping out of everyone’s way.  My friends are all sane and happy for the time being.

He really is a perfect Santa.  Glastonbury plaza really out-done themselves.  His cheeks are merry, his eyes are glistening and he seems genuinely happy to be bringing joy to kids.  He brings a tear to my eye actually.  I’m such a sap. 

Oh no, now I’m having more than just one tear.  I hate that.  I’m such a sentimental sap.

The plaza has been playing christmas carols non-stop since thanksgiving.  Normal people would get sick of hearing them, but I on the other hand, love them. 

Cool people scoff and say, “this song again?”  While I keep my cheesy smile and sing along. 

If you’re ever in the starbucks area and wondering which person I am, just look for the girl on the couch singing along to Xmas carols and crying when she see’s a guy dressed up like Santa.

I’m not usually like this, I’m just tired.  I get like this when I’m tired.  I fell asleep on the couch at work again.  I closed my eyes and shortly after was sound asleep.  I woke up to Trish coming into work, but then fell asleep again because she was quiet as a mouse.

It’s so cold out and there’s a girl outside wearing shorts.  I knew a girl who wore shorts all year round in high school.  She turned out to be a lesbian.  Why do lesbians like shorts so much?

Amanda (girl that works at starbucks) is being very animated today.

Amanda – “Santa Clause in the house.  Santa Clause in the house.” 

I guess I should go back.


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