Picture time!

This is from the snow storm we had last night.

 I woke up at 6:30 am, it was still dark out, but I had a feeling that my dad already shoveled the driveway and dusted off my car for me, and sure enough, he did.  That’s the kind of dad I have.

In the meantime, OCDC refuses to shovel, mow, rake, wash dishes, clean, shop, groom himself, or leave the confines of his bedroom.

I showered, dressed, had a cup of brew and was ready for work in 40 minutes.  Even though my dad shoveled the driveway, the snow was still high in some places.  Instead of digging around in search of my snow boots, I grabbed two plastic bags and stuck them on my feet.


My fancy snow shoes are working!

My super hot sexy car.

 I’m at Starbucks listening to two englishmen talk about politics.  They’re discussing how kid’s aren’t allowed to keep score anymore in sports.  Sixth grade basketball and soccer are two of the sports that award everyone with a trophy at the end of the season no matter how bad they sucked.  One of the Englishmen is outraged by this.  It’s funny to see him riled up.  I’m upset by it too, but I don’t think this “no score” rule will last very long once they see the kids growing up to be lazy, indolent, self righteous little shits that want awards for wiping their asses.



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