WTF Egypt?

Shit is hitting the fan in Egypt.  It’s crazy there and this is the first I’ve heard about it (I don’t watch tv or keep up with politics).  I’m watching a live news report straight from the heart of Cairo on events unfolding as I write, and can I just tell you, it’s bedlam.  Thousands of protesters rioting in the streets and lighting stuff on fire.  The army just showed up, and the protesters sit down in the street in front of them.

This is the link to the website I’m watching .

I can’t stop listening/watching it.  It’s something I can’t fathom happening here in Cheshire, CT.

They have a live broadcast on an Egypt tv station showing their elegant opera house all lit up, and traffic in the street flowing smoothly – It’s all staged.  What they show on their tv is not the truth.

Mubarak just set up a country-wide curfew starting at 6pm to 7am a few minutes ago.  He’s also limiting exposure with the outside world – It’s sounding a lot like North Korea.

The protesters are welcoming the military, shaking their hands and applauding them.  The military is supposed to enforce the curfew.

This is intense, I mean really!  I hope they don’t set fire to the museums……

There are no firetrucks anywhere, the protesters defied the military and the curfew was not imposed.  Everything is happening so fast over there.  My video stream just stopped.

I have to go to work, I’ll write more later.



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2 responses to “WTF Egypt?

  1. Steph

    I know isn’t it terrible!!!!!!

    • Egypt Palain

      No it was good and the great army of egypt have shown they are loyal to there country not to the ” la vache qui rit” (Mubarak’s neck name in Egypt )

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