My Newest Post!

I miss my old blog. It got 38 hits today before 9:30am. I look at my counter on this blog and it reads 2. Two!

I’m in my office waiting for my first client of the day. I’m so beat. It’s day 110 of Groupon and I only massaged 281 out of 606 people. And it’s not like I’m being lazy, I work! I get clients in when it’s convenient for them, not when it’s convenient for me. Everything I do, I do for them. I really am a good little worker.

My deal expires in 3 months, so these next three months may very well kill your poor, tired little ol’ Mel.

Only three more months, then break. A very long well deserved break. Maybe I’ll go on that cruise I bought to the Bahama’s when this is over.

I’m doing this for the Camino, but it turns out that the Camino is actually a poor mans journey. I don’t need a dime while I’m being a devoted pilgrim to God – they take care of me there (which is great since I’ll probably get robbed several times, raped once, robbed several). I’ll be staying in very poor run down albergues known as pilgrim hostels. They run primarily on donations and provide the barest essentials to survive for free. I’ll be bunking with snores, smells, whispers, coughs, and before dawn the door will be opening and closing a lot. It will be hell. Just what this little infantile baby needs!

One client down, 3 more to go. It’s wet and cold outside. I wore my old trusty sneakers here and my socks nearly got soaked through. Damn old sneakers – useless I tell ya.

I’m in the midst of a lull. Client after client, back after back, one late night after another….I looked at my schedule for the next few days and shook my head, “I don’ wanna. No I don’ wanna.” I want to sit and stare. Sit and stare!

There’s nothing I want,

nothing I need.

I want to lay in my bed and read.

Time is ticking,

time is running out

for my preparations and knowledge about

The Camino de Santiago in Spain


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