I Want My Heater!

I admit I was not on my best behavior for the following pillow talk, but before you judge, please understand that all her emails and texts prior to this were disturbing.  I was sympathetic and understanding as I listened to her spew wretchedness at me.  

I’ll post them eventually, there’s just so many….  

Anyway, I pretty much had my fill of it.  I give up.  Here is me giving up.

Here’s Melanie unabridged (it’s not pretty): 


Any way I can get my heater back?

Damn I was hoping you would ask for it back after winter.  Do you want to pick it up today after work?  I can leave it out in the lobby upstairs, but if you don’t want to pick it up today then let me know cause it’s helpful to have here.
I hope you’re doing okay fuckface. Miss you.


I can’t today, I don’t go by your work on the way home, only in the am..but maybe I can pick one day at your house or you can drop it off at my house…?

Okay which day would you want to pick it up at my house? I can leave it with my parents to give to you.

Actually that’s a bad idea. No offense, but I don’t trust you with my parents. I don’t know what you are capable of telling them. It’s just a precaution.
I’ll drop it off at your house tonight when I’m done here. Ill just leave it outside your door and scram.

What I’m capable of telling them?? Really, you are so fucked up….

Delusional and paranoid…not a good combo. What would I tell your parents??? Lol. You don’t tell them the truth, I certainly wouldn’t…

Can’t I just mail you $50 for it? You don’t even need it and you’re only doing this out of spite because you hate me so much.

I was letting you borrow it because I was your friend and I cared. We aren’t friends anymore, I figured you would return it. At the time I didn’t need it and now I do. I love how you assume it’s about you and me hating you. I hate no one, not even George….I do feel bad you are so far off and misguided. It’s sad to see who you are to who you represented yourself as., had I known I would have steered clear. Thankfully I have fallen back in my old groove of hanging with old friends and having awesome adventures in the mountains. As I said before, I forgive you and some day you will see what you did and how you betrayed a good hearted friend for your own benefit. Please bring me the heater. I don’t want the money. A new heater costs more and I need it. Ask my sister if you don’t believe me…

How the hell did I betray you? YOU ENDED THE FRIENDSHIP! You ended the friendship and said horrible, rotten things to me just like a sociopathic person would do. You are FUCKED up in the head!

I’m not going to your house, fuck that shit. You’ll set me up for something, I know it. You can drag your ass down here and get it your damn self.

You never cared about me, Not ever! You’re incapable of that emotion and probably will never feel what its like. Oh and Amy, YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS! Gee, I wonder why that is you fucking douche.

Goddamned it. This isn’t me. I don’t do this. Just do me a huge favor and stay the hell away from me. I’ll leave your heater downstairs in the lobby.

I wish you weren’t so fucked up. I hope you get better, I really do. For the sake of other people at least. I feel sorry for whoever gets involved with you because you are a vengeful hateful person. I wouldn’t be surprised if you called the cops on me for some made up shit.

How can you be so blind to the way you are? How can you not see your hate?

Wow. Again showing your colors. Telling me to drag my ass down to your building as I let you borrow the heater??? Typical narcasistic answer, your mommy has failed to teach uour morals and manners. My sister needs the heater, I’ll show her your email. And I ended our friendship because you are crazy and drama filled. Period. Read your email, nuts! So I will go in the am to get it since my sister needs is and wanted it tonight…will it be there?

I have nothing more to say to you. I don’t have the need to explain or defend myself. I can prove my friendships with pictures, phone calls,vacations planned, ice climbing trips like last weekend, hanging at bills for patriot game, next month gounf 3 days to jersey..hung at connies last weekend and had dinner. had dinner with a date on saturday. Hanging with dirty Fred and his baby 2 weeks ago, planning on 4 days of snowmobiling in march with him and his woman..I think you are confusing you not having friends with me…I want my heater. It’s not yours and you need to give it back please.

Holy fuck your crazy! I didn’t even read all that cause it’s too crazy. Shit man. Holy shit! Lol

After these emails, I get these texts:

Hate texthate textmean hate texts20130124-125104.jpg20130124-125116.jpg20130124-125127.jpg20130124-125141.jpg20130124-125208.jpg20130124-125218.jpg

One day I’ll post all her crazy texts and emails for you, but for now it’s too much effort (there are lots!).  This was the first time I was actually mean to her in my responses.  I was being mean, but amusing myself and actually laughing from the idiocy of the whole thing.  I felt guilty shortly after, and will probably feel guilty for posting this to my blog, but hey, it’s my freaking life online.

During the 6 or 7 months that I’ve known her, I only met two of her so-called “friends.”  They are a married couple that live up in Vermont five hours away.  And both of them refused to prosecute against George, her ex-boyfriend, who supposedly tried to kill her.  They refused because they didn’t know who or what to believe (and these are her “core” friends!).

George insists that he was set up and is now going through great lengths to prove his innocence.  I listened to the poor guys voicemails and he sounded like a broken man.  Broken from taking emotional abuse and becoming dependent.  His words were drenched in tears.  I truly felt sorry for the guy, and I think Amy knew I felt sorry for him.

She is the type of person to do that shit.  That’s why I’m scared of her, thats why I didn’t want to go over her house or for her to come to mine.  She always threatened to tell my parents how “undisciplined” I am in my business, who the hell know’s what she would say to them now!  And she’s been to court more times than I could pay attention to.  She’s dangerous and armed to the teeth!

Is this the last time I’m going to hear from her?  Probably not.  She joined the ranks of the Melanie Haters and is now hell bent on destroying me.  People are absolutely insane!  I see so clearly that compassion can cure everything.  It’s the cure-all for all your hurts.  I’m 100% NOT hurt by anything she says or does to me and it makes me feel sorry for her even more!  She’s in so much pain and a world of hurt – she wants to spread it to me but it’s not working and I point and laugh instead.

I’m truly an asshole, yes.  It’s like calling a mentally challenged person retarded to their face.  She has the same emotional problems you would find in a mental patient.  And would you give them a hard time?  No, of course not.  It’s not their fault.

Even just writing about all this, sounds childish.  I’m too old for this shit and lived through it all before, only not with a person so wacked.

I’m inhumane, I know.  But I’m not going to take harassment bending over.   And I can’t hide my true nature of laughing and poking fun at everyone – it’s who I am.  I laugh at peoples inability to see themselves and call them out on it.  Not in a bully way, but a good way.  I just want everyone to learn how to love.  Very few people know how.  They have trouble with acceptance, and instead focus on their own needs.  And I obviously did NOT do my part in fulfilling her needs.

Anyway, a typical day in the book of Mel…..

I’m only on page 65 of my Camino book.  I just can’t find the time.  I have 81 unchecked Facebook notifications and a few messages.  I love Facebook, I think it’s the bee’s knee’s  but how the hell do people find the time to live on it?  Facebook, as fantastic as it may be, is absolutely mind numbing to me.  I’m at the point now where it’s just too much.  Too overwhelming, too time consuming.  I mean come on now, 81 notifications?  My Facebook page for my business is also in the dumps of abandon.

I’m not the status update kinda gal.  I’m more of the essay type.  A small status update is like a tiny dog yipping for attention, while I on the other hand,  am Cujo.  Ripping out my own rabid tormented insides.  And no, my blog is not nor will ever be affiliated with my Facebook page.  Can you blame me?

I’m a closet writer, a ghost writer.  I paint a picture of who I am, and sometimes I’m not proud of who I am, but there you have it anyhow.  Hey, I told you I’m no angel.

I need to publish this post.  I don’t like it when they get too long.

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