Things that make you go Huh


wet (Photo credit: whizchickenonabun)

Don’t you hate it when you have to pee so bad that you run to the bathroom, unclasp your pants, unzip and you go to pull down your trousers, only they won’t budge and you end up peeing your pants and ruining the rest of your day?  Don’t you hate that?

A lot of dress pants have a hidden button that is easily forgotten and overlooked.  People don’t like to talk about this button because it is a reminder of all those times they wet their pants.

Take heed of this cautionary tale.

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2 responses to “Things that make you go Huh

  1. Ava

    Too funny… And I get the wet spots on the pants, but that must have been a hell of a powerful ejection given the backsplash as evident on your top! PS Yesterday’s blog reminded me of a wall hanging I saw once at Kripalu (Ashram)… “Everything after the words ‘I am’ is a lie”.

  2. Lol yeah I thought it was an impossible pic so I had to post it.
    Oh I like that phrase! That makes it so much simpler to remember. Things that are plainly stated are a big relief on my brain. And it’s true! After the words ‘I am’ is all ego and ego is illusion. It taken me 32 years to understand that. Ego can be fun, don’t get me wrong. But it’s important not to take it seriously.

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