Peyote Anyone?


Desert (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

After writing that last post, I popped over to FaceBook to check my messages and saw that one of my good friends from the Colombian retreat asked me to go to Arizona to partake in a Peyote ceremony.


It’s an invitation only ceremony which means that you have to actually know someone in order to get invited.  I’m not sure of its legality, so I’m not posting any names, faces, or locations.

They sent me a very professional PDF brochure describing the event details and a list of bio’s describing the people who’ll be attending and my lord I got goosebumps – not even joking – GOOSEBUMPS!

It sounds amazing.  Absolutely amazing to say the least.  We’ll be camping out under the stars next to an oasis in the desert.  Being fed organic food, listening to a DJ and a spoken word beat poetry man amongst the mishmash of amazing people who’ll be attending.  Hot springs, a medicine man that will pass out peyote buttons while we watch the sunrise over the desert horizon.  Partaking in a traditional ceremony by the Aztec indian church of Quetzalcoati Teocali.

I mean WOW!  Holy crap wow YES I will go!

It costs a mere $333 for three nights, but the plane ticket will cost me $500.

Me thinking – “Just when I start getting ahead of the game, I have to go ahead and do something crazy like this now don’t I?”

Okay now get this, listen carefully.  Being a girl walking the path of her spiritual awakening, this path involves following my bliss.  Following my heart and my passions.  It has led me to opening up my own business (which is flourishing) , it has taken me to Colombia where I was first awakened, it’s taking me on my first Camino adventure, and now this – sleeping under the stars in the desert surrounded by my much loved ayahuasca friends.  These are the same people whom I experienced ayahuasca with.

My Spiritual journey is out-weighing all of my preconceived notions of awesomeness.  Everything easily sliding into place.  This happens due to synchronicity.

When you are not lucid in this world, the synchronicity of karma places you in harrowing ordeals until you “break thru” to understanding.  Once you have broken thru and see that you have full control over your life, then you are free to follow your bliss.  And when you follow your bliss, synchronicity starts working for you, not against you.

I went over my budget trying to figure out if this is indeed doable.  It takes place the week before I leave for the Camino, so it will cut into my Camino fund.

But guess what miraculous thing happened yesterday?  I made $800!

I made $800 in one day.  I had 4 full priced clients and I sold a few package deals online.

I mean shit, right?  Come on now, really?

I only have one client today at 5 o’clock.  I should hike up sleeping giant for exercise – I badly need it for the Camino.  But I have so much stuff I gotta do at home.  My room is completely demolished, I got my new iPhone 5 in the mail days ago and I still haven’t set it up yet.  I’m starving and need to eat, I need to write up my definitive Camino itinerary but most of all I just need to clean.  Once I’m done cleaning, I can organize my thoughts better.  My brain doesn’t work if my house is a pigsty.

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10 responses to “Peyote Anyone?

  1. Ava

    I live in AZ, shoot me an email. Invite only…I get it…but would love to learn more! There is a group up here that I’m thinking of joining on a Peru trip but no trigger pulled yet.

    • If it involves Manchu Pichu and ayahuasca than you should go for it. I’ll shoot you an email and see what I can do. I’ll find out where it’s at first and let you know. The dates are May 9 – 12.

  2. Hey Ava I just sent you an email. I’m hoping it’s your email address. It was the only Ava in my contacts so I’m thinking it must be you. Sorry I waited so long to send it, I’m a complete dope honestly.

    It would be cool if you came!

    • Ava

      Thanks for info. Sent email yesterday and left phone message today having not yet heard back from P. The universe is unfolding as it should so if meant to be, I’ll see you there.

      It is the same organization with which I was thinking about going on a shamanic retreat to Columbia so would be cool if I can dip my toes in with the group here in AZ before I travel to lands afar.


      • They are some of the most fantastic people I’ve ever met. I hope P calls you back soon. I’ve never met a person thru my blog before. I don’t want to let you down or anything, but the personality that comes out in my blog is a lot different than the one I show to the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a self-proclaimed super awesome person, but a bit silly and goofy in the real world.

  3. Ava

    I hope he does call back too! He reached out right away the first time I wrote to his site a few months ago but I dropped the ball completely. It is what it is and all…but still sure hope he returns my second volley!

    As for us meeting – if and when we do – please don’t worry about meeting anyone’s expectations! I certainly have enjoyed your blog and it has allowed me a certain feeling of percieved intimacy, but truly, I appreciate the difference between a writer’s voice and their real world persona. I have no preconceived notions save the fact that you, like me, are mindfully on a journey. I’ll keep you posted!

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