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Ultra Light Packing List for the Camino De Santiago

Here are some links to all the stuff I’m bringing on the Camino.

I didn’t mention these in my video, but gel toe caps are fantastic!


The place where I bought my sleeping bag:


I bought my backpack at REI.  It feels perfect on my back.


1,000 mile socks

Sock liners

Outdoor research Seattle sun / rain sombrero 

Guide book

Solar Charger

Portable Cup

Mesh Bags

Pack liner (you can also use a garbage bag)

Ear Plugs


Platypus Big Zip

Small day pack

Dry packs

Blister stuff

Backpackers panties 

Biodegradabile soap / shampoo

My official ultra light packing list for the Camino De Santiago:

First Aid kit

Moleskin, bandage tape, small scissors, etc..

Toe gel tips

Knee brace


Sleeping pills


2 pair undies

2 pair 1000 mile socks

2 liner socks

Flannel shirt

Long sleeve purple shirt

Long underwear

Tank top

T shirt


Head band

Bathing suit

Outer Shells

Rain jacket

Down jacket

Rain pants

The essentials

Sleeping bag


Guide book

Itinerary / passport / I.D / Credit card

Travel towel

Platypus bottle

Journal / pen

Everything else

Pack liner

Secret travel pouch

Travel backpack for groceries / airplane ride

3 mesh bags for loose items


Drain plug

Clothes pins

Ear plugs

Eye shades

Head lamp


Small knife


Folding cup

Eat N tool

Rock from home


Iphone / earphones / charger / solar charger



Shampoo / soap / detergent bars

Comb / mirror


Toilet paper in ziplock

Deodorant (no dispenser)

Toothbrush / paste

Period stuff



Spanish cheat sheet (lighter than a book)

Good cheer

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My first real bra fitting!

I opened 30 tip envelopes yesterday and took to the mall for a well needed shopping showdown.  I don’t normally shop.  When I go to the mall, I buy one item of clothing and then head off to the bookstore for a new read and a latte.  The whole event lasts no more than an hour.

Yesterday was different.  Yesterday I had my first real bra fitting at Victoria Secret and it was fantastic! 

Me – “Excuse me, can you tell me where the strapless bra’s are?”

Woman – “Have you had a fitting?”

Me – “No.”

Woman – “Go to the fitting room and they’ll take care of you there.  They’ll give you lots of bra’s to try on.”

And she was right, as soon as I walked into the fitting room area, there was a smiling girl to greet me, take me into a room and measure me.

They have a much better system than my old system of cupping the bra over my boobs over my clothing standing out in the open.

Do all women know about Victoria’s Secret’s fabulous system of measuring and then trying on the bra before you buy it?  Well, if not than I’m afraid you ladies are missing out.

After I tried on a half-dozen bra’s, I put my old one back on and it felt all wrong on me.  It felt like it wasn’t holding anything up – which it hasn’t been for the past few years.  And I have this weird stain on it that covers the better half of a cup (don’t ask me how it got there). 

This shopping trip was indeed monumental because I also bought a pair of skinny jeans!  They’re no longer only in style for skinny Asians and gay men, but for the rest of the world as well.

My favorite jeans at the moment are an old baggy pair I bought in high school.

See how there is a bit of camouflage on the bottom of one pant leg?  And a cool swirly design on my upper thigh?  Awesome pants, right?  Well, unfortunately no matter how awesome they may be, they’re not in style.

I also bought a skirt and a few new tops (this was at American Eagle Outfitters) and when I went to cash out at the register, the cashier with a mohawk asked; “Do you have facebook on your phone?”

Me – “Yes.”

Mohawk – “If you sign on right now and like our page, you’ll save 20% today.”

Me – “Seriously?  Holy shit that’s great!”

I saved 30 bucks.  All in all it was a great shopping day.  I used my Iphone GPS to find a shortcut to get to my job from the mall.  The girls were throwing Jessica a surprise party for her recent engagement and new house – it made me love where I work even more.

Then I went over Holly’s and had myself a beer.  And that my friends, was my Sunday.  Thank you and goodnight.


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